If You Are a Parent, You Must Read These 5 Books to Your Children
January 9, 2018
Enhance your student's joy of reading, Find these 5 books to make an interesting session with children
Enhance Your Student’s Joy Of Reading, Find These 5 Books To Make An Interesting Session With Children
January 23, 2018
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Some of the best books to read if you are a in high school

Some of the best books to read if you are a in high school

There is no denying in the fact that teenage and high school is difficult for everyone, it is a stage where you can grow at your best and your worst as well. Basically, its all about the kind of influence you're in, the kind of people you are with and the kind of habits you adapt. Well, talking about habits, then how many of you tried so many things and failed. Many! We bet, well can't really blame you as it's the age of taking as many experiences as you can. As the world is developing so much and the race of becoming an Influencer in everyone is at its peak, Almost, every other teenage wish to become the next Barkha Dutt or Sandeep Maheshwari, but how will you be one of them? We have an answer and that is by reading as much as you can. Believe it or not but reading is one thing that can make you a better person, along with a knowledgeable one. And what’s better than starting it in your teens. Here are 5 books that every high school student should read.

1. The Metamorphosis

Probably one of the best literary works of Franz Kafka, The book depicts the story of a salesman, who became a bug overnight and confines himself to his room. If you are trying to get the motivation, then take a dig into this.

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2. War and Peace

History of Russia and its people, the book is a complete portrait of human existence. A shout-out to all the history lovers!

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3. Othello

Most twisted yet beautiful love story considered as the most painful and moving, at the same time, most powerful of Shakespeare's great tragedies, Othello.

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4. The Call of the Wild

OK! You won't stop yourselves from reading this one. The Call of the Wild is the story of a dog called Buck. The book brings out the true spirit of the Gold Rush days at the turn of the last century and portrays the brutality, kindness, love.

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5. Interpretation of Dreams

Now, this is a strong dose of motivation, this fascinating and beautifully written book is an indefinable masterpiece that helped shape the thoughts of people in the twentieth century and will do the same for you as well.

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