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March 12, 2018
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March 26, 2018
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From The Back Benches To The Front Desk of Success. Life Has Something For Everyone.


We all know about backbenchers in our school. Guys like them never study, or to be precise they are the ones who bring in humour on a daily basis and negative markings during the exams. Am I right? These guys are the funny elements in the class, always scolded by teachers, but always smiling. As some teachers say, the good for nothing.

Seriously? are they??

In my perspective, yeah, some kids just stay in classes to make a scene out of it. They use their skills in not so constructive manner. But c’mon, school is not all about studying, you need some lighter moments in life too! Right?

If backbenchers don’t waste their time in the fun and use their talent wisely, maybe they can add something good in their life? Backbenchers know how to live life, how to entertain, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t intellectual, they handle their problems with a smile, they know the value of unity and teamwork because you gotta admit that creating a ruckus in the class takes some cojones, you need people.

Once Bill Gates said, “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it”?

Further, these guys are through and through team men, they never take names of their partners-in- crimes! They ain’t no snitch! So, we have established these kids as creative, they can take a hit on the chin and still smile through it, they are good friends then why they are held back in later life after
all these personality traits really help to be a good working professional?

Just one caveat, a working professional also need knowledge, technical nitty-gritty, something that comes out from the pages of that yellow page books, in the cupboard. Everyone gotta need, as simple as that. And the kids we are talking about, they just don’t read enough. Heck, they don’t even read for the exam, they just cram enough to clear the mark and repeat the cycle for another year.

Backbenchers have time, a lot of time, so if they will read books of their interest at least 30-45 minutes daily, they can create their own tales of magic happening in their lives. Because reading gives knowledge, the only thing which no one can rob you. Reading makes the raw talent of creativity into the desired shape, by introducing the raw but capable brain to sophisticated tools and ways of life, through which a successful future can be carved out.

As Mark Twain said “The man who doesn’t read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”

If they start reading then what they get;

  1. Reading will give a more diverse range of knowledge and also expand the awareness and so they get the knowledge of all the diverse situation in the world.

  2. They know how they use their ideas and creativity in the right direction which will eventually lead them to become better.

  3. Reading makes them concentrate and focus on one thing rather than multiple thoughts a time.

  4. Reading can offer a form of relaxing and learning at a time.

  5. Enhance vocabulary which also nurtures writing and speaking skills and gives a hand to show their leadership quality.

  6. Above benefits aren’t only for backbenchers but also for every student to reach their dream profession and post in their future. Warren Buffet says he reads 500 pages daily! You just don’t create an 80 billion dollars’ worth of holding without any solid starting ground. Books can play a part in creating that fertile ground.

If such a big guy is a fan of books, then there has to be some sense about reading, isn’t it? So yes, we can add our names to the list of bigger personalities but for this, we have to start reading as soon as possible.

This brings Maple Press into play to provide you with the right path by providing the right books for your reading. Find one for your taste and mood and grab a cup of coffee to take down the words of wisdom.

Early Reading Will Save You from Struggles and Will Provide You With A Ramp Walk for Your Better Future.

In the end, I will leave you with a famous quote by a famous personality and people’s president.


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