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Storytelling for Your Child’s Intellectual & Emotional Development


They were the good old days when we used to lie next to out daadis or naanis and hear all those fantasy journeys with their tales.

Telling stories is not just a fun activity but a method of preserving the culture and convictions of a community and passing them to the generations to come. This is the best and genuine significance of oral traditions.

Those were the tales that helped us take in some essential lessons of our lives and showed us about the good and bad and contributed towards making us what we are today as an adult. Now, with innovation and technology attacking our lives and working parents overpowering the social set up, the art of narrating and storytelling has become limited. Here are some reasons why storytelling is important for your child.

Improves vocabulary

A major benefit of storytelling is that listening stories upgrades a kid’s vocabulary. Learning new words and knowing their meaning is always a good exercise for the brain and since the kid relates to the words better, they are held in his memory for long.

Keep within the cultural roots

When you narrate stories to your child, it not only makes them aware of our rich cultural legacy but in addition develops a love for history in them. They can likewise turn out to be more knowledgeable towards our mother tongue.

An activity of learning

As we narrate a story to our child or if he reads it by himself, he tends to connect the pictures with the story and builds up a visualization and imagination. This is an incredible learning action, as it makes them curious and encourages them to ask questions since this influence the kid to think.

Develops emotions and feelings in a child

Cell phones and internet strives the attention of the kids today which indirectly impacts their mental development. Truth be told, telling stories makes kids more involved than just sitting in front of the TV. Feelings are genuine when a kid listens to a story because his capacity is enhanced with it. This way you can empower his creative imagination as well. Despite all these logical reasons, you should always remember that narrating a story to your child helps in building up the bond between you two.

“The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds.” – Dalai Lama

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