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March 27, 2018
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March 29, 2018
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Four Travel Books That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust. YOUR TRAVEL BUDDY!

Be it a short or a long journey, we all want a companion with us. And who says the companion is supposed to be human. It could be better, a book. A long train journey is a decent time to make up for you reading. It spares you the trouble of silly and irritating travelers and motivates you to invest quality time with yourself. What you need to do is simply choose a right book for your journey. Here is a rundown of some splendid books that you can complete in a day and are so well written that once you begin reading, you wouldn’t want to put them down till you wrap up.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book” –Ernest Hemingway

Indeliberate Deliberations

If you wanna make your travel journey a bit melodious, then pick this one. Indeliberate Deliberations is a collection of heartfelt poems. Separated into four broad subjects- – Latency, Abyss, Frost, and Froth, and Gory Musings, the book carries the well-known art of verse poetry with no settled structure. Filled with full of emotions and heartbreaks, this will surely give you a chilled feel.

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Mercy of Gods Men

The Story of various complex characters that face complicated conditions. Set in three kingdoms, the stories spin around uprisings, wars and political agendas. Explore the tale of these outside grounds as the destiny of the characters unfurls over the span of the series. The ironic thing is that the author of the book is 17 years old

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The Diary of a Young Girl

Despite being rich social life, a girl named Anne Frank felt misjudged by everyone she knew. She knew that she needed someone, so she made a diary her best friend that her parents gifted her on her birthday. The story explained her time when she was in hiding for two years with her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

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Doe Eyed

“Doe Eyed” is guided tour of the average teen’s psyche in the 21st Century – a concept that has been home to hot debate, misconceptions and “alternative facts”. Packed with short stories about social issues, essays about falling in and out of love and poems about pizza; “Doe Eyed” is an attempt to make the teen voice heard. But for the first time, here is a book that is by a teenager, of a teenager, and for everyone. Take your pick and Happy Journey!

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