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These 4 Books Will be Your Best Summer Companion


You know the feeling you get after you complete reading a book. It hits you for a while and in some cases, inspire you to the core. Well, that's what we call a beauty of a book. It gives you incomparable pleasure. And as it's summer- a time to make up for the lost time with missed readings, swing back to your old picks and find new ones. It's also a season to sit with an easy read in the daylight or read something darker in the evening. However, if you're not sure about which ones to pick up to be your summer partner, then don't bother.

Maple has 4 best picks for you that you will prove to be a great companion for you this summer.

Want to take some inspiration this summer? Then go for this one. The story of four sisters growing up during American Civil War, and during their womanhood headway the four altogether different characters try to accomplish their own desire in love, work and family.

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A story which makes you feel like it’s your own. Aman, a middle-class boy dealing and experiencing the mid-life crisis and carries a bundle of expectations. Which without a doubt, we all face in our regular lives.

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An English man of his word makes a noteworthy bet that he will travel around the world in 80 days or relinquish his life's savings. A story filled with excitement and adventure which make your summer worth reading.

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If you're one of the Potterheads, then this book might interest you. A story of a twelve-year-old boy, Simon Kent, stumbles upon a secret that thrusts him into a bizarre adventure filled with magic, technology, and deadly out-of-this-world creatures.

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