Shayad, Yaheen se ho

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About the Author

The poet, ‘Muasir’, almost seems like an outcome of personal experiences, reflections, joys, challenges that Satya might have seen in his life. Satya is an effective connector. He is a keen observer of self and people. He is known to be in constant touch with human feelings – identifying, dealing with, appreciating, sharing and so on. Another key strength of Satya in his everyday life is his felicity with languages. He is a polyglot and is at home in over 7 languages. These strengths seem to have come together in the making of Shayad, Yaheen se ho...

Satya Narayanan R is the Founder of CL Educate (formerly Career Launcher), one of the leading education companies in the country. He is one of the rarest teacher-entrepreneurs who has added an even rarer dimension of becoming a poet to himself. Satya loves teaching, music, tennis and cricket.

Satya is an alumnus of St. Stephen’s college and Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

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 About the Book

Shayad, Yaheen se ho... is a must for any book reader and not just a lover of Urdu shayari or Hindustani poetry. This book marks the debut as a poet of one of the brightest entrepreneurs of contemporary India, Satya Narayanan R (‘Muasir ‘,’a contemporary’).

The book makes herself accessible to everyone as the poetry is laid out in all three scripts – Persian, Roman and Devanagari. The glossary at the end of the book helps the reader with difficult words and their english meanings.

Peshlafz by Dr. Karan Singh speaks volumes about not just the poet-author but the quality of poetry too. The few chapters, authored by ‘Muasir’ such as his tribute to (Late) Prof. Shahryar or his own journey into the beautiful world of Urdu, make for a fascinating read. To all professionals with ultrabusy schedule, this body of work would come as an immense source of inspiration to pursue their passion. The subjects covered include nature, love, reflections from life etc., paint a very deep and insightful understanding of life and her elements.

The audio CD seems like a pleasant surprise with young voices and lingering melody set to classical ragas with an appropriate emphasis on the dharma ofghazals and nazms!

Subject Poetry
No. of Pages136
Language Hindi
Author Satya Narayanan. R

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