The Mastery of Destiny

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This books is essentially for those who have a deep faith in the power of 'Destiny'. The text, lucidly written, is one in the list of 'self-help, inspirational, motivational' books written by Allen, who guides us through this, into the mastering the finest art of winning over our destiny, by manifesting it in a good way, and achieving the real success.


The book opens with detailing the interrelationship of one's deeds, his character and the role of his destiny. Thereafter, the author teaches us the methods of attaining self-Knowledge, training our will and then shaping our mind and life accordingly. In these lines he further emphasis the inevitable powers of concentration and meditation in moulding us, as he gives us tips to go about them. And finally, we are made to understand how the joy we beget when we accomplish our mission becomes ultimate.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages104
Language English
Author James Allen

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