Grimms Fairy Tales

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Jacob and Wilhelm, popularly called the 'Grimm Brothers' are known for their study of Germanic literary tradition, and more so for their contribution in the revival of oral tradition of German folklore. In their effort to preserve this tradition, they collected stories recounted by the peasants in the German countryside, rewrote them wherever needed, and published them as Grimm's Fairy Tales. This has been  a huge success till date.

This collection, undoubtedly the most loved ones, not only consists of Germanic tales but also a number of French tales as well. With their flavour of folklore and tradition, they reflect German and French cultures in their purest form. In their original form, these tales are dark and terrifying, with all about witches, trolls, goblins and the prowling wolves. The Brothers have smoothened  these to make them readable for children. 

With their elements of fantasy and delight these tales have been entertaining and engrossing to children for generations and will be so, no doubt, for the years to come.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages352
Language English
Author The Brothers Grimm

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