The Last Of The Mohicans

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Published in the 1826, this historical novel is second in Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales pentalogy of heroic scouts. Being the most popular novel of its time, it is set in the background of the French and Indian war(seven Years war) during 1757. In the line of 19th century tradition of creating historically inspired stories, it specifically focuses on the one long battle between France and England for the possession of American tribes in order to gain an advantage over the English. What they encounter are unpredicatable tragedies.

What form the center of is novel are the unarmed massacre, the Kidnapping of two sisters, and the rescue by Hawk-eye and his two friends, the Mohicans- Uncas and Chingachook. Uncas the principal character is based on the real person Mohegan Sachem who had been an ally of the English in 17th century Connecticut.


Cooper's venture in recreating history through thhis novel proved successful by making this novel widely read and loved in American literature till date.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages464
Language English
Author James Fenimore Cooper

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