Up from Slavery

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Ranked among the best autobiographies, Up from Slavery documents the personal achievement of the renowned educator, Booker T. Washington in his long journey from being born into slavery, to becoming a leading educator and founder of the Tuskgee Institute, a famous speaker, and a spokesman for his race towards the turn of the 20th century.

What we have in Booker's optimistic recounting of his life is a glimpse of the most dynamic period in African American history: the transition from bondage to freedom, the transformation of the miserable life of slaves working in salt-mines and coal mines to their rise after emancipation by self-improvement and hardwork, towards African American integration. So much so, that it demonstrates Booker's determined efforts and unstinted courage to elevate his race by proving through himself the highest values of education and dignity of work.

Subject Biography/Autobiography
No. of Pages272
Language English
Author booker Taliaferro Washington

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