The War of the Worlds

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What is at first believed to be falling stars or harmless meteorites turns out to be cylindrical Martian ships filled with nightmarish, tentacled invaders and their robotic war machines. When curious Englanders come to inspect the massive containers imbedded in the still-smoking countryside, metallic appendages emerge from the pits to Kill every living thing in their path with strange heat rays.........

                         On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles terrified American radio listeners by describing a Martian invasion of Earth in a broadcast that became legendary. Forty years earlier, H.G. Wells had first penned the story: The War of the Worlds, a science-fiction classic that endures in our collective subconscious.

                              Deeply concerned with the welfare of contemporary society, Wells predicted the technological savagery of twentieth century warface. Playing expertly on worldwide security fears, The War of the Worlds grips readers with its conviction that invasion can happen anytime,anywhere-even in own backyard.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages272
Language English
Author H. G. Wells

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