Black Beauty

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Black Beauty was the only novel written by English author Anna Sewell to give an insight about the exploitation of horses by the cabdrivers in London. The book was initially written to promote kindness and love in the treatment of horses and went on to become one of the best-selling books for children. With more than 50 million copies sold, the novel is teaching animal welfare to its readers till date.

The autobiographical account of a magnificent and handsome horse named Black Beauty, the book tells the untold tale of a horse. The description of the different phases of its life – from being a well-bred colt to an old horse – remarkably told in its own words. The story describes the first-hand experiences of Black Beauty with a multitude of owners – some great and some ghastly – contributing to the good times it encountered, the difficulties it faced and its return to its birthplace. Filled with compassion and humanity, *Black Beauty *is an exceptionally beautiful story where you will find human emotions coming alive in the world of horses.

Subject Classic
No. of Pages160
Language English
Author Anna Sewell

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