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"A book is a gift you can open again and again." ~ Garrison Keillor

While we live in a world which works at tech pace and where information is easily available at our fingertips and smart gadgets, Maple Press, one of the best book publishers in India reintroduces us to the joy and world of books; a world in which one can become any character they love, a world which comes alive with the vibrancy of words and where reality becomes a distant blur as you get caught up in the glory of the story!

Maple Press was launched in 2009 and has an impressive array of books to satiate readers’ appetites; whether it is classics, early learning, story books, general book, school books there is so much to choose from! Books from all over the world, in attractive formats and at affordable prices have made Maple Press one of the most sought-after book publishers in India

We have now over 900+ titles to boast of English and Hindi classics , books of renowned Indian authors like Premchand, Rabindranath Tagore etc, along with over 300 illustrated storybooks consisting of folklore, mythology and history are ideal for home and school libraries. To add to our exhaustive collection of authors and titles, our children's section has engaging choices of activity books, biographies, essay writing books, grammar, colouring books, nursery rhymes, writing books, general knowledge books and complete sets for primary school books.

To promote exemplary writing talents and discover the next generation of writers, we at Maple Press have launched a crowd-funding portal, www.pblishing.com. Within 6 months of its launch, www.pblishing.com has successfully published over 50 authors.

As you journey you way through books, when you enter enchanting realms, or are empathise with your favourite characters, we at Maple Press will endeavour that the magic will never end!

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